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Alongside my Drum Kit Tuition I also run and lead Workshops in World Percussion.

The workshops can be adapted in order to suit and be accessible for all ages and abilities and are great for schools, colleges, universities

and even team building / corporate days.

The sessions are designed to give an overview and introduction to the music of a different culture in a fun and very hands-on practical setting.

They can be delivered as either one-off workshops or as a course of 6 - perfect for a school project.

African Drumming
Learn to play the traditional cross-rhythms of West Africa and create your own drum circle.
  Instruments involved:
    * Djembe Drum
    * African Agogo Bells
    * Chekere
    * Nut Shakers
African Drum Circle Demo - MH Drums
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Samba Drumming
Create your own "Batucada" by playing the rhythms of Brazil and Latin America; get ready to enjoy the carnival!
  Instruments involved:
    * Surdo
    * Latin Agogo Bells
    * Tamborim
    * Ganza
    * Caixa and Repenique
Samba Batucada Demo - MH Drums
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