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Over the years I have bought and sold many many many kits, snares and cymbals, building up a great collection but also expanding my knowledge and learning what gear works well in different musical settings. All of which means that regardless of the gig, I have the right equipment to get the right sound.


* Ludwig 1971 Superclassic in Blue Oyster Peal: 22x14, 13x9, 16x16 (Fitted with Remo Coated Vintage Ambassadors and Remo Clear Ambassadors)


* Gretsch Broadkaster in Anniversary Sparkle: 20 x 14, 12 x 8, 14 x 14 (Fitted with Remo Coated Vintage Emperors and Remo Clear Ambassadors))

​* Yamaha Recording Custom in Black Lacquer: 22x16, 10x7, 12x8, 14x13, 16x15 (Fitted with Remo Coated Emperors and Remo Coated Ambassadors)

Snares and Cymbals

I use all Sabian Cymbals and have a large range with a mixture of models; my usual Set Up is:

15" Artisan Light Hi Hats, 18" HHX Complex Thin, 18" HHX Xtreme, 16" HHX O-Zone, 20" HHX Complex Medium Ride or 22" Artisan Light Ride

The Snare I use for each gig or recording changes to suit the music but I always have something that works!

* Craviotto Johnny C Maple 14 x 6.5

* Ludwig 1970's Acrolite 14 x 5

* Gretsch USA Bell Brass 14 x 6.5

* Tama Star Walnut 12 x 8 

* Yamaha Recording Custom Birch 14 x 5.5

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