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Chester Drum Lessons

The Studio

I teach one-to-one drum kit lessons from my Home Studio in Chester.

The space is a custom made facility, designed specifically for playing and teaching drums. The room is fully sound proofed and is completed with 2 acoustic kits so there is no need to share or swap over during the lesson!

I use a headphone monitor system to play along with music and have recording equipment set-up so we can record the lesson and track student development. Nothing beats listening back to yourself for instant feedback on your progress!

My Teaching Practice

I have had the chance to study with several of the UK's top drum tutors over the years but still maintain than I am predominantly self-taught. In mixing both formal and informal learning I believe it has allowed me to gain a well balanced education and has helped shape my own teaching style.

My teaching is based around two key principles:

                  * Developing a 'Sound Technique'

                  * Playing with and for the music

Technique is purely a means to and end and so although of course we will go through and talk about various specific technical aspects - grip, stick technique, posture, etc. What's more important is making sure you are able to do the things on a drum kit that you want to be able to do.


Every student is different in both their needs and musical tastes and so every lesson will be based around what works for that student. Whether it is learning the Rudiments, playing along with your favourite songs, going through Graded Examinations (I can teach ABRSM, LCM and Rockschool syllabus) or just simply for having fun! I can develop a series of lessons to help you achieve your every drumming needs



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